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Novas informações sobre o Voo 447 (Rio-Paris) da Air France

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Curso de pilotos de avião e helicoptero
Cia do Ar: Escola de Aviação Civil

Sons de Helicopteros em várias situações
Material para estudar para PPh e PCh
Como funciona um Helicoptero?
How Apache Helicopters Work
How The V-22 Osprey Works
How Black Hawk Helicopters Work
Guia de Helicópteros no cinema e televisão
Cronologia dos Helicopteros
All the World's Rotorcraft
Helicopter Flight Training Manual (TP 9982)
Flight Instructor Guide - Helicopter (TP 4818)
TP 3077 - Flight Test Guide - Private and Commercial Pilot Licence - Helicopter
Site para venda de material sobre aviação e para provas
Veja o Radar e Escute o Trafego Aéreo de Guarulhos

Filmes e Videos:

1967, no Rio de Janeiro: um Passeio de Helicóptero !
240-ROBERT "Bank Job" chase scene
Deadly Encounter - intro
Helicopter Flight - in Cockpit
GTA:LCS helicopter pushing out (video Game)
H-60 Helicopter Rescue Demonstration
Helicopter Crash Videos
An Helicopter is trapped in the Snow
Video of Black Water Helicopters in Iraq
RAH-66 Comanche Stealth Helicopter
Airshow 2005 Covilha(Portugal) (Balé de Helicópteros)
AirWolf (abertura do Águia de Fogo)
low pass (Vôos rasantes)
AA Missile Test (Um míssel atingindo um Helicóptero)
Crazy Helicopter Pilot
Crazy Helicopter Pilot 2
Crazy Helicopter Pilot 3
Helicopter and motorcycle chase (Gyromaster Movie)
heli and plane stunt [Oregon International Airshow 2006]
norway gerainger fjord rc heli flight
Forget Superman, watch the real thing, crazy
The Helicopter - Encyclopaedia Britannica Films Theory, operation and utility of helicopters
Heligiro (Projeto)
Gen H-4 Helicopter
Mosquito XL Ultralight Chopper
CHOPPER ONE - "Pilot" end scene
CHOPPER ONE - "Pilot" end scene2
CHR Safari helicopter in action
A helicopter to open a beer bottle
Helicopter Accident
Helicopter Autorotation - Treinamento
Helicoptero passando dentro de um tunel
H21 Helicopter Crash Tests (video only)
Helicopter crash-landing test
BO-105 The Flying Tiger (completo)
Mais de 120 videos
Agrotors Helicopter Power Line Maintenance
How Helicopters are made
Birdy fly camera on helicopter
Alfa 147 Commercial Hollywood 45
Alfa 147 Commercial Hollywood 45 (Making Off)
Alfa 147 Commercial Hollywood 45 (Making Off)
Helicoptero MIG HIND em vôo num show aéreo russo
Helicopter crash near Saint-Petersburg
Astar helicopter landing on catenary heli pad

Relação de Aeroportos no Brasil (Infraero)


Nossa pagina com foco em meteorologia

Consulta de Vôos

Consulta de Voos nos Aeroportos - Consulta de Voos no mundo

Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom
F18 sea level sound barrier

G Force

G Force Blackout
Hilarious G Force training
9G Pilot
Red Bull Air Race-G-Force


Airports/Navaids World Aeronautical Database
Airport Database - Flightradar24

Escolas de Aviação no Brasil

Escolas de Aviação no Brasil

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